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Angela Merkel has a solution for dealing with North Korea

Shanghai News.Net - Monday 11th September, 2017

BERLIN, Germany - As North Korea holds banquets to celebrate its recent nuclear success, the world is fuming and fretting at the possibilities of destruction that Kim Jong Un can boast of. 

However, while one side, that includes South Korea, Japan and the U.S. look at options to punish the rogue nation that has threatened the world and these three nations specifically with its advancing nuclear prowess - the other side, including Russia and China are looking for a more diplomatic solution.

Chiming in now, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered a solution, based on a tried and tested method that has worked in the recent past. 

Merkel has pointed out that the negotiations that led to Iran curtailing its nuclear program could be a possible model for tackling the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests.

In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper, Merkel stressed that a diplomatic solution is the only viable way to resolve the crisis. 

Merkel said in the interview, “If our participation in talks is wanted, I will say yes immediately.”

The deal that shaped up in 2015, included long-running talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany that led to the deal for international sanctions to be lifted in exchange for Tehran curbing its nuclear activities.

Merkel pointed out, “I could also imagine such a format to settle the North Korea conflict.”

Fears about North Korea’s nuclear ambition recently intensified after the country launched a series of missile tests as well as its sixth and most powerful nuclear test yet.

Agitated by the strong U.S. military presence on the Korean peninsula, along with the installation of a powerful U.S. anti-missile system in South Korea, along with U.S. President Donald Trump’s repeated threats - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened a missile attack on the U.S. territory of Guam and even the U.S. mainland.

The recent nuclear tests have provoked economic sanctions and possible military action on the North, from Trump and other U.S. officials.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the British defence secretary, Sir Michael Fallon, also stressed his desire for a diplomatic solution.

Fallon said North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme must be halted before it developed a ballistic missile capable of hitting London.

Fallon said war must be avoided “at all costs” and stressed the desire for a diplomatic solution.

He said the dangers of a “miscalculation” triggering a military response against North Korea were “extremely great.”

The United States is now seeking a vote on a United Nations resolution which would impose the toughest ever sanctions on North Korea. 

U.S. diplomats have called for an oil embargo, an assets freeze against the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, a ban on textiles and an end to payments of North Korean guest workers in response to North Korea’s nuclear test last week.

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